Organic Buffalo Mexican Taco Salad

We order all of our meats through Blackwing Meats 
Give them a try I guarantee you won't be disappointed we LOVE this company !! 
Here is one of my favorite recipes that literally takes 10 minutes to make 
2 pounds of organic buffalo (makes tons of meals)
Organic Romaine Hearts (I use 1 whole heart for my salad cut up nice and thin)
Organic Sour cream a little goes a long way 
Organic salsa I love it I use ALOT 
Seasoning I use McCormick Mexican 
So it's simple brown the meat remove any juices from cooking I soak it up with paper towels 
Season & add to your romaine and add all the fixins 

Organic is the way to go!! It's all I eat grassfed is the life!  

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